Wednesday, October 9, 2013

IKEA Bound - Saturday - 10.05.2013

Saturday was a good day.  It started a little early but that meant that I got to see my little man... he was eating some oatmeal with his Daddy in our bed while watching some PBS Kids.  I got ready to go and was packing up to head out.  He could have cared less to see me go (tear).  

Anyway. I was out the door a little after 8:30am and it was time to head south and pick up Meagan.  Once I did that (and gave Lu a hug) we were on our way to meet Marcie and her sister, Haley, at Starbucks.  I cannot believe I didn't take any pictures at Starbucks? Who am I?  After getting our fuel... oh and actually putting some gas in the car... we were on the road.  2 hours later, we arrived!  It was like arriving at an amusement park (for me anyway!) There were purchases to make and fun to be had by all!

I came prepared with a very specific list. IKEA's website is pretty awesome with the ability to create a shopping list, check availability, etc.  We were officially on a mission!

Just testing out the lap desk for Jason. No big deal.  Testing is hard work.
My list. I think it was 4 pages long? Yikes.
This "bed" was actually much more comfortable than I had expected it to be.  This would be the coolest bed for any kid!
Using our IKEA Family card to get some free coffee!
This is what our cart looked like after just shopping through the showroom level.  AND honestly most of that cart was mine! Ooops!
My free (mostly decaf) coffee.  Who runs out of regular? Sorry IKEA... Haley and I were a little disappointed.  It was still yummy though.

My stuff. Two carts. All for me. SO many frames, so many light fixtures. Our house is about to get beautified!

Lunch time.  It was seriously almost 3pm by the time we finished our shopping, checked out and loaded up our cars.  We were so ready to eat.  Chipotle to the rescue.  It was so.good.  Exactly what we needed before hitting the road once again.

After our quick trip home, it was time to snuggle this guy once again.  We made it just in time for dinner (which I skipped due to the 3pm burrito!) and some time to hang out with my boys.  Todd and Jackson pretty much had an amazing day without me.  Todd was sending me photo updates via text messages.  I'll let you see all of the fun for yourself.
He wanted to wear his boots.. I guess to keep his feet warm and dry. In his defense... it was a rainy Saturday!

Wearing Daddy's Camelbak.  Totally normal.
Going for a walk/ride around the neighborhood in his backpack.
After the walk/ride around the neighborhood, the boys took one final walk to Jack's Donuts for a sweet treat.  Jackson had a "snake donut" and ate the entire thing.  I'm so surprised :)

Everyone was looking a little tired at the end of our super fun Saturday.

You got a little milk on your chin...

This is what your living room looks like when you unload the car.  We (I) am so excited.  I cannot wait to show you before and after photos of some of the projects to be completed this week.  We are crazy.  Always leaving projects until the last minute, right before we welcome thirty people in our house for Jackson's birthday party this coming Saturday.  Wish us luck!

Thank you to my friends to coming up with the amazing idea of road-tripping it together! Next time, we won't wait so long before we make another visit!


  1. That sunlight on my boobs in that picture looks WEIRD. Such a fun day!!!

    1. Marcie! I totally did not even see that until you just pointed it out. LOL