Monday, September 30, 2013

Motivation Monday - 09.30.2013

Where to begin?  Well, I have to be honest that there was zero exercise done last week. Sad but true.  I had intentions of doing some type of exercise and wearing my armband all week to track my progress.  At least part of that happened!  I consistently wore my BodyMedia armband for the entire week.  I tracked my food (good and bad) and even though my diet wasn't perfect.... I ended up down a pound.  Just need to keep my focus and try again this week.

Here's where I'm at today.  And although it is almost two hours later than the time I posted last time, I'm already in a better spot.  I'm trying to get up and get moving...that's the main goal.  Move my body and keep an eye on what I'm eating.  When I'm not eating right, I'm not feeling right.  So this last week was a great start and now I'm motivated to keep it going!

As I type this post, Todd is downstairs trying his first T25 workout.  I told him to try it out and let me know how it goes.  25 minutes a day isn't too bad, right?  And if I was able to complete a full month (maybe a week or two more) of Insanity, I should be able to do a 25 minute workout right?!  That's the idea anyway.  We'll see what he has to say. 

Also, a friend of mine that is now quite the runner was talking about a couple of upcoming races that she (we) should sign up for.  The Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving day and the Santa Hustle Half Marathon on December 15th.  The thought of trying another half marathon is so tempting.  I'm not sure how training in the cold will be or training to run in the cold might be.  It sounds interesting.  At least you wouldn't have to worry about being too warm, right? ;)  PLUS, if you register for the Santa Hustle, they give you a shirt, beard and hat.  Why would anyone say no?

With all of that said... I am going to try and actually workout this week and think about these upcoming races.  If I decide that I'll try and run these races, I'll need to find another good half marathon training program.  So. Those are my goals this week.  Let's make it a good one!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday is the best day.

Hello my friends.  Not much time to stay and chat...  I actually left work early today in preparation of our family photos this evening.  I'm getting ready to shut down the computer and sit myself up on the bathroom counter and (attempt to) do my makeup.  Won't that be fun showing up to preschool with more makeup on than anyone has ever seen you wear?

Seriously, it's for the pictures and I'll do whatever I gotta do!

Please keep your fingers crossed that this sweet one will behave and be the cutest thing you've ever seen.  He's pretty well trained with the camera so I don't imagine he'll have any issues with that part!  And it's off to a farm we go.  I am seriously so excited.

Stayed tuned for photos of a baby wearing a tie.  It might make your day.  It would mine.

Happy Friday, have the most fabulous weekend. 

p.s. although some posts are short and sweet...did I really blog 5 days in a row?  Okay thanks. I'll be patting myself on the back now. excited.  Happy Friday....yay!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A messy house is a happy house, right?!

Some days after work, I have a few minutes to stop at home before I get Jackson.  Usually I stop home to get something marinating for dinner, change my clothes, let our dog out, or even just to have a snack and a few quiet minutes before our family starts the evening routine.  

Today, my first thought as I walked in the door was how embarrassed we should be by how messy our house is.  But as I walked from room to room, I realized that there is so much happiness here. So many toys are played with.  Laughter fills these rooms. Memories are being made every single day.  

One day I'm going to be sad to see that there are no dinosaurs left on the table from when Jackson had breakfast,  or that there won't be dinosaur jammies thrown in a pile on the floor to be washed. I might even be sad not to find empty sippy cups in every room and one day I won't be tripping over all of the tiny (noisy) animal toys.  

So today. I took a moment to capture these sweet (messy...but sweet...) moments.  

I don't want to forget them.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Happy Wednesday

 Guess what day it is? Hump day!  That was a shout out to my sister, Ally.  This is pretty much her favorite commercial right now. She texts me "happy hump day" every Wednesday.  Followed by another text reading, "mike, mike, mike, mike, mike." and we both laugh... I'm sure of it.

Moving on.  We have a session scheduled on Friday evening for our first ever professional family photos. I'm SUPER excited about it and have pretty much spent a little time each evening prepping in some way.  Not to mention making some very important purchases in the last week or two in preparation.  We all gotta look cute, right?!

Here are some of the items in the running... Oh gosh.  (Side Note:Whoever said dressing a little boy wouldn't be fun... haven't been shopping. Not in the last year anyway because shopping for Jackson is a blast and he is the most stylish almost-two-year-old I know!)

So many options.  Blue shirt, vest and striped tie found at The Children's Place.  Plaid shirt and plaid shirt with bow tie found at Old Navy.

So many cardigans to choose from.  Nude flats (old) from Target.  Dinosaur pjs (not for photo shoot, just an extra surprise for my little man!) from The Children's Place.

White t-shirt from Target (old), floral print skirt and necklace from Francesca's and tan cardi from Old Navy.

Todd's shirt is from Old Navy (old.)

Since it looks like Jackson and I are pretty set (at least for the most part...) we decided to run out and grab some dinner and see if we could find Todd and new tie to complete his look.  I'm sure he's loving this right now.  And I'm also sure that he's just as excited, if not more so, than I am about having our photos taken.  Ha.

So we ran out for dinner and then stopped by Express before heading home again to our "Dinosaur jammies!!"

Do these boys get any cuter? And the sunlight. I was pretty much in heaven.  The only crazy person out there lugging their giant DSLR around the mall to get Qdoba for dinner.  Oh well.  #sorryimnotsorry  (which reminds me.  for a good laugh, check this out. I love me some Jimmy Fallon and really love me some Justin Timberlake.)  Sorry, I get distracted easily....
Moving on.

Waiting in line to order at Qdoba.  Someone was getting hangry.  Just like his momma.


Oh that face.  I guess he was getting pretty hungry. Time to feed the baby.

Boyfriend loves some Qdoba.

Again, so does his momma.  Yum. Nachos with chips on the side.
So I can dip, of course.

He decided to have a fruit squeeze after dinner and color some dinosaurs.  Because that's how we do.  And p.s. it was such a beautiful evening to just sit outside and relax. Even with a semi-cranky toddler that is about to throw his empty fruit squeeze pouch at his mom... 

thinking about it... ready to take some action in 3...2...1...

 Time to burn off some of that new found energy.  So we let him run to the next spot.  And run he did.

These plants remind me of Jurassic Park. And I love them.

Helping Daddy pick out a tie. From the clearance bin because why would we spend $50 on a new tie? Try a $20 silk tie at Express because that's how it's done! 
And I'll leave you with this.  The little man talking to the male mannequin and telling him that they need to hold hands to cross the street.  He then reached out and grabbed his cold, white, plastic hand.  And it was really cute. 

Once again, happy hump day!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First Day of Fall 2013

This is how we spent our Sunday, the first day of fall...

Eating on of our favorite fall treats, a Honeycrisp apple.  And it wouldn't be a celebration of such a special day without our favorite Birthday Hat.  Oh this boy.  

After having our snack, it was time to make our way out to the soccer fields.  We went out to Cumberland Park on a wonderfully gorgeous Sunday afternoon and walked through the woods to the soccer field where Todd was playing.  That's when the fun began.  You'll see.

If only you could hear in his sweet, tiny voice, "Go Orange!" It would seriously melt your heart!  He was so proud of his daddy.

As sweet as that face looks, what you don't see is how every time he wiggled out of my reach, he'd run straight for the field. Mostly because we told him that he couldn't.  He would run right to the white line and as I'd run up behind him... he'd go limp and fall to the ground in laughter.  He was having the best time.  Luckily I had some reinforcements with me to help with all of the energy...Grandma. :)

 Oh my boy...running away from me at every possible moment...and then falling down.  Gosh, that smile.

He really enjoyed walking over to the "spider webs" with Grandma.

 Just another one of the boys... he wanted to be a part of all the fun at half-time.

 These boys make me so happy.  They practically ran to each other!

It was a pretty good day.  And it is hard to think about the work/school week after enjoying such a wonderful Sunday.  Here's to next Sunday!

Update:  As of today, Jackson has been registered for Soccer Shots at his school.  That officially makes me a Soccer Mom.  I cannot believe that he isn't quite two years old and is already registered for his first sport.  His first soccer activity is on Thursday.  Let the games begin!!