Monday, March 31, 2014

citrus lane - march

seeing as though today is the last day of march (hooray!) i figured that i should probably tell you about the march treats that citrus lane brought our way. although i feel like a couple of the items were repeats from previous boxes, this one was pretty good and the items are fun and useful.

this lotion. it smells so fresh. it smells so clean. i really do love it and it makes your hands feel so silky smooth.

we've already played with this all-natural play-doh and jackson is a fan. 

we've gotten one of these before but have used it so i think a second one is not a bad thing.  i immediately just took this new one and dropped in our diaper bag.  it is pretty handy to have with you and the band aids are super cute.  again, jackson is a fan for sure!

what a cute little puzzle! we opened it right away.  although jackson needed a little bit of help to get the hang of it, he really liked it and we've since completed it several more times.  he loves talking about the mommy and baby animals. 

again, i think this box was another success. i really like having these little treats show up on our doorstep every month!

we really are big fans of this service and if you are interested in learning more about it, click here. if you use this link, you will receive 50% off your first month of service!  who doesn't love a good discount?!


Friday, March 28, 2014

friday favorites

hello! i'm back with yet another round of things i'm loving this week.  aren't you excited? ;)

this is one of my favorite snacks lately. it has been a favorite in the past and recently i've brought it back. yum.  recipe to come in a later post!!  (thank you biggest loser family cookbook!!)

what else am i loving?...
everything about this dress. (it has pockets!!) and check out her kickstarter page!  you can help fund her new line. she's a working mom too... and let's be real. that's one tough job!  and she makes such pretty things.  i really, really want to help her campaign. if only i can talk my husband into it... ;)

a  new glass tumbler available at your local starbucks. do i need this? haha
these photos of my little jackson.  you may have seen one of them on instagram yesterday so i couldn't help but post a couple of them here as well.  plus, i just had to write a little note about my boy reacting to seeing this first photo.

after seeing the above photo, jackson's eyes were completely welled up and full of tears. he was so sad to see himself sad and crying.  i tried to explain to him that he was just born and getting cleaned up and didn't like having his hair washed but after they were done cleaning him up, he was a happy guy once again.  he talked all night about how sad he was and kept asking to see the picture. over and over again.  i had no idea that he would have been so sensitive about it.  my precious boy.

and these.  oh these.  my two boys.  while we were still in the hospital and jackson was two days new.  look at that sweet baby and his loving daddy.  if that doesn't melt your heart... well... i know it melts mine!!

happy friday my friends!

tonight i'm off to watch some basketball with meagan at lucas oil stadium.  the second game doesn't even start until 9:35pm... so wish me luck ;) i'm kind of an old lady!

have the best weekend and we'll chat next week!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014