Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

4 days. 21 hours. 13 minutes. and counting.

again i have so much to say and so little time.  this day job is really cramping my style! ;)
we had a fabulous, warm, sunny, happy weekend and got to watch meagan complete her first marathon and spent some much-needed time with the family.  and now it is full force back into reality today... oh and the mini marathon is less than 5 days from now. how did that happen? 

so today i'm trying not to be distracted now that i've finally remembered i'll be running 13.1 miles on saturday.  time to get a really good playlist set up, make sure i have all of my gear and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. maybe i'll try to sleep a little extra and eat some good food. sounds like a pretty good plan to me!  todd is helping me to find some good music, so check out a few half-marathon playlists here, here and here.

i'm back to work and getting lots done.  lots to do this week and i'm ready for it!

(just 26 hours ago this was my view... ugh. like i said. smacked right back into reality this morning!!)

happy monday to you all!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

so much to little time. just checking in!

i've taken an unintentional break from blogging this week.... having a four-day weekend last week and an upcoming three-day weekend this week... and road tripping... really puts a halt on my extra curricular blogging activities!

i do though have so many things to say and so may pictures to share that i wanted to just check in and make myself a list... so i don't forget and so you can see what is to come. 

and in no particular order...
  • going way back... recently came across photos from our trip to colorado and our time at vista verde. so many pictures to share of a trip that we will never forget.  need to get it documented, asap! i just love going through old photos!!

  • jackson and i spent good friday together again this year. it was a pretty darn good day.

  • easter celebration part two - to grandmother brink's house we went!

  • easter part three - home for the holiday

  • someone loves his big boy bed - the transition: part three

  • the mini marathon is only 8 days and 22 hours away. time to get a few more runs in!

  • tomorrow morning we are heading down to nashville, tennessee to visit family and cheer on meagan as she runs her first marathon. i am so very excited to see my family and to watch meagan cross the finish line. funny thing is that once i'm in the atmosphere i'll just wish i was running too. just maybe not for 26 miles ;)

so. many. things. to. say. so this list should help to keep me accountable!  need to get things moving!  lots to share coming up so stick with me.  

also. just a quick note about comments. i've been trying to respond to comments and have been unable to do so.  i'm wondering if it has to do with the new template i'm using or maybe a browser error?  i'm looking into it but please keep the comments coming... i really want to get this issue figured out so i can respond back! i love hearing from everyone!

happy thursday and i hope that everyone has a great end-of-the-week and a wonderful weekend. i'll be back next week!

Friday, April 18, 2014

friday favorites: a very good friday

today jackson and i are home for a "floating holiday" a.k.a. Good Friday.  we are very much looking forward to celebrating easter this weekend as a family.  

and i'm here today to share with you some of the lovely things i've come across this week.  i hope you have the happiest of fridays and get to enjoy the holiday weekend with the ones you love!

i would love to buy pretty much everything in this little shop.  jackson needs this shirt. agreed?

a little bit of running motivation.  also, makes me feel better about my work-life too.  after starting this job 8 months ago, i had no idea how much i had to learn. learning is good. and you have to start somewhere. some days i feel like i'm clueless and i just need to remember these words...


this.tee. not many things get cuter than that.

scandal. i'm obsessed.  i don't know that there is much else left to say...other than in the last couple of weeks i've completely caught up on seasons one AND two.  i hear that the season finale for season 3 was this week?! oh how i wish i could have caught up in time!!


this guy. his last night sleeping in a crib. so proud of him. he's my little man.

i hope everyone has the happiest of friday's and the best weekend.  the weather here should be hovering around 70 degrees and sunny so i'm sure we'll be outside as much as possible.  i cannot wait to catch up with everyone next week!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

jackson quincy: age 2.5

tuesday afternoon jackson had his 2 1/2 year check-up with his pediatrician.  i just love these appointments because i like to see how much he's grown and deep down i just really love how much the nurses and his doctor love him.  they all think he's the cutest thing and are forever impressed with his language and how.much.he.talks.  i don't mean for any of that to sound like bragging...although he's my kid, i'm allowed to brag a little, right?  he's just so smart and so funny and still so sweet.  i am so lucky to be his momma.  i will never ever change my mind about that.

anyway. back to the appointment.

i want to add in here that this was my favorite appointment in his 2.5 years of life.  he was the cutest, sweetest, happiest, most polite little boy you ever did see.  (picking him up from school right after nap time and snacking in the car on the way to the appointment didn't hurt, i'm sure!) but in the words of the doctor, he did "excellent."  it was such a good visit.  and he's right on target with his growth and talking up a storm. all is well with our guy.  music to a momma's ears.

after his appointment we decided to run a couple of errands together.  having coffee creamer and a diaper genie refill are of the utmost importance at our house! i think many of you can agree!  plus, wednesday was picture day...had to check out the threads at target and see if there was anything that just had to come home with us for picture day.  little man needs to look good!

too bad i forgot to take pictures of the outfit  he is going to be the cutest.  new shoes and all ;)

we made it home much earlier than a normal day so we had lots of time to play.  and his source of fun that afternoon was sitting at our dining room table and looking at the "ads" that came with his rescue bot and imaginext toys (those were his small rewards after a wonderful visit to the doctor!).  he sat at the table for probably 20 minutes just looking at the pictures and discussing the toys.

it honestly was one of my favorite days. i love this age so much.

and its official...tonight's the night we make the transition.  you can read my thoughts about toddler bed transitioning here and here.  keep your fingers crossed or say a little prayer for us if you like to do that sort of thing.  i'm already looking forward to a nap tomorrow... just in case ;)

happy thursday my friends!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

wordlish(ish) wednesday: a warm spring evening with my boys.

we have a place near our house that is forever under construction.  we thought it would be fun to do a little exploring and check out the bulldozer and jackson's favorite part...the dirt.  so we did.

and probably one of my most favorite photos...

i just love those boys.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

easter 2014 - part one

taking a quick trip back to sunday, april 6th...let the easter celebrations begin! 
first stop, grandpa brink's house for dinner and an easter egg hunt.

we were looking forward to this all weekend... especially on sunday morning and in the afternoon before nap. and i may or may not have bribed jackson with easter candy in order to get him to eat some lunch.  you do what you can, am i right?  also, i knew he wouldn't eat much dinner... for some reason, at grandpa brink's house, the is way too much fun to be had so sitting at the table and eating with 12 other people is just not appealing.  i hope that i'm not alone in the my-toddler-won't-eat-anything-around-other-people situation.  anyway...back to the fun that was had!

slacker sally over here forgot to get pictures of dinner (gasp!) so i took more-than-enough photos of the easter egg hunt activities. todd and jackson were out hunting and i was in charge of photos and video. the usual.  
someone has to make sure these memories are captured ;)

after dinner we lined up on the deck in the backyard and the kids were off!

each grand-kid had their own eggs...grandpa brink wrote their names on their eggs so we could make sure all of the kids found the same amount.  i thought that was a pretty good idea. especially since the "big kids" are so much bigger... those eggs would have been gone!

here's jackson posing for me. as much as i could get him to pose (with a hula hoop) anyway!

ugh. that poor left-over black eye.  having another toddler (accidentally i might add) jump on your face really does make a mark.  poor guy.  he's already a bruiser!

he couldn't wait to get into those eggs...

eating candy while daddy opens more eggs for him. finding money and more candy.  so much candy.

cousins. and more family.

i just love celebrating holidays with little ones.  it makes them that much more sweet and even more fun than i ever imagined.  seeing them experience these kinds of things...priceless. and to think... this weekend we get to do it again!

what are your favorite easter celebration activities?