Friday, August 29, 2014

friday favorites: things i'm loving.

it has been a minute since i've talked about things that i love.  and this week i feel as though i've fallen hard for a few things around the internet.  oh the internet. what did we ever do without you?!

let me start with my favorite of the favorites.

this video.  year 4.
and please be aware that i do not even know this family and i swear i don't love them in a creepy way, but i love the way they document their lives, especially the lives of their children. it inspires me to be a good mom and an adventurous mom.  it makes me want to take jackson to new places and watch his face as he has all of these new life experiences. yesterday they released the year 4 video for their son, boone.  i've now seen every single yearly video (i've been a long-time blog follower since i discovered their photography back in my "i wish i was a professional photographer" days) and i've also seen the one year video for their sweet daughter, crew.  

with all of that said, please, watch this video.

(the below is the image from the beginning of the video. to watch it, click on the link above. i promise you will not regret it!)

these are some of the most beautifully done videos. the sweetest too. i cannot get enough.  now i need to finish jackson's year two video. seeing as though in less than 2 months we'll already need to start and finish his year three video. oops.

i really just love following this lovely lady. she is so full of positive energy and light.  and she's pretty stinking cute. and... i'm totally obsessed with her hair. can you blame me?!

next up... this print. again. a little bit obsessed with it. and it has recently arrived at our home and I think I'll add it to our gallery wall upstairs. i'm sure that it will fit in nicely and i'm sure that i have a spare frame around my house somewhere (right Ally?!  side note: my little sister said this last weekend, that our house contains more frames hanging around than any other house she's ever been to and that pretty soon we'll run out of wall space. sounds like a challenge to me! ;) ) anyway... back to the print...

print available in the three little numbers shop.
next favorite. donuts.

i found this project in my blog feed and it has inspired me to diy my own donut photo. i've bought and photographed (and eaten) the donuts, now all i need to do is print out a picture and frame it up. delicious.

via a beautiful mess blog. love, love, love this blog!!!
another favorite: organization.  i came across this new blog (a bowl full of lemons) and i cannot stop looking at all of their organization.  every. single. room. and most of all, i want my garage to be this neat and tidy!! you have no idea. click through the link to see the full garage organization. you'll be so impressed.  p.s. i've never seen anyone use so many storage bins/tubs in my life. and i love it.

click here to see the full post on garage organization. you will not be disappointed!

that's probably enough for one friday, huh? i have a few other things that i am loving so i'll save those for another post. maybe next friday?

what are you loving these days? sharing is caring so please tell me. i'd love to check it out! 

happy friday and happy labor day weekend to you all!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

summer, summer, summertime

old school will smith?! sure! why not?

so apparently the end of the summer (and for some reason, i consider the month of august to be the end of the summer... or at least the beginning of the end of summer?) has been much busier than i would have thought it to be and my lack of blog posts just proves it.  we have been going, going, going and having fun at every chance we get.

since my last blog post, here are some things that have happened around here...

we had a picnic dinner and enjoyed a concert in the park...

jackson started his first day of pre-school...

i celebrated the big 3-1...

jackson played hooky and we visited the indiana state fair with a couple of our favorite friends...

we celebrated my birthday and todd's birthday with our favorite friends...

we celebrated all of the august and september birthdays with grandma...

we celebrated all of the august and september birthday with grandpa...

cutest t-shirt ever. from three little numbers.

we had family come to visit... (not so many photos of that... dang. i guess we were too busy soaking up the time together to get the cameras out!)

i really do have lots photos  of those things.  they are sitting in their own folders on my computer just waiting for me to edit them. one of these days i'll get around to it.  maybe this long weekend? that sounds glorious!

and just like that, it is the thursday before labor day weekend.  i have taken friday off (jackson's school is closed) so that gives us a four day weekend.  we will be spending the evening at grandpa's house for dinner and then jackson is actually spending the night!  todd and i had planned to take friday off together and get some stuff done around the house since our little guy would be at grandpa's house. but. todd is lame and had a new employee start at work this week so he can no longer take the day with me. its like he has to be a responsible boss or something. again, lame. ;)

so... i'll be taking the day off, all by my lonesome but still working on some projects.  for some reason i feel like i'm nesting (no. not even close to being pregnant) and i just want to declutter and really clean my house.  we've lived in our house for 7 years and i still feel like i'm trying to make it feel more like "us." anyway. tomorrow, i'll totally be cleaning and organizing. and taking a few too many trips to goodwill.  i am still debating on where to start... the master closet and/ or master bathroom? the pantry? the spare bedroom? oh the spare bedroom.  too many spaces. i better get planning!

i hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.  any big plans?! i'd love to hear from you!

it feels good to be back. let's see if i can get back into the swing of things!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Friday, August 8, 2014

hi friends. and a happy friday to you.

a million apologies for being lame and non-existent lately. no excuse. it is summer time. that's pretty much all that i need to say about that!

i am about to jet out of the office and head home.  my mom and granny are coming this evening (and bringing our bella home!) and we're hoping to pack up a dinner and some beverages and head to the concert in the park.  it is only about a mile from our house so it should be a pretty good evening!

and to continue being lame, here are (in pictures) the things i hope to enjoy this weekend:

i've missed everyone so i am so very sorry for being absent these days. who knows, maybe i'll actually break out my real camera this weekend. but don't get your hopes up! ;)

happy friday and a safe and happy weekend to you all as well!!