Thursday, November 14, 2013

My 50th Post

I don't have anything exciting to say. Just kind of excited that this is my 50th post. Time is flying!  Unfortunately I have been so busy the last few days so I don't have anything super fun or interesting to report. are a few photos from my day. Because that's about all I've got!

You know the days is off to a good start when you come downstairs to gather your stuff for work and your fabulous hubby had already gotten your coffee ready. He's a keeper. ;)

Got in a quick 2 miles before picking Jackson up from school. And caught up on a super interesting episode of Nashville...oh I love the drama!!

We had a few friends over for dinner...

Daddy taught Jackson a new trick that I just really love. Ugh. It so freaks me out. Thanks for that one, Honey!!

Doesn't everyone sit in the potty while brushing their teeth? I do. Seriously...I do.  I guess I'm lazy.  Like mother like son!  I love you my Bugga Boo!! 

Tomorrow's Friday and I have been looking forward to it since...last Friday! Woot!


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