Friday, December 13, 2013

merry christmas. version 2012.

Get ready for yet another photo overload.  Again...just trying to catch up with some fun memories of our little family from the past!  Better late than never!  We had several sick days right before the Christmas break (Jackson's first ever ear infection!) so we have lots of photos of hanging out around the house and a baby in his pajamas.  Apparently it is our new tradition to have a sick baby before the holidays...

p.s. this post contains most of the photos from December of last year.   I cannot believe that I take this many photos...

Because these are from the month of December and from several days off, Christmas celebrations, our holiday traditions, Christmas at the Zoo...and just winter in general...they are kind of all over the place.  Okay..Really all over the place. BUT I love them just the same. 

p.s. check out Fotor to easily make photo collages online. I am so impressed! You will see several of these throughout this post. I had to cut down the length of this somehow. We all know cutting it down does not mean deleting photos!!

On with the post...Look how much he has changed!  Except for trying to get away from me during photos. That will never change!

p.p.s. I love this set. His first snow angel. The first picture shows his reaction to making his first snow angel. Priceless.

OH. That face.

He was always trying to eat the crayons. Always.

These are blurry but I love them.


  1. I remember this but don't remember him looking so little. Time is flying!!