Monday, June 16, 2014

21 day fix....let the games begin!

the happiest of monday's to you all! i am currently pretending that i am wide awake and excited to take on the busiest of all days.  why would someone have back-to-back meetings, all day on a monday? no.thanks.

and no coffee this morning.  so that's why i am pretending to be awake ;) 

if you follow me on instragram, you've seen that the package arrived!  my 21 day fix program arrived and gave me a few days to read through the book and do some planning.  i was so excited and scared when i opened the box... lol.  because i'm kind of a wimp and although this plan helps take quite a bit of planning out of the process for you, there is still quite a bit of preparation involved and that was the part that made me the most nervous.  why?  because... fail to plan... plan to fail!

over the weekend was my chance to really sit down and start looking at the lists of foods and colored containers and really get a list going.  i used my planner and the "start here" booklet to write down all of the foods that i'd like to eat during the week this week.  let me just tell you, if you are in need of ideas for this plan, pinterest is your place! i'm amazed by all of the resources out there!

so saturday afternoon consisted of grocery list making and grocery shopping!

then it was off to the store with my little man in tow.  luckily our kroger has those great grocery carts with the cars on the front. i'm not sure how else i would have kept him busy while we walked through the store...for quite a bit..

it was quite a successful shopping afternoon and jackson was the best.  he was so good for me even though we were in the store for a long.time.  i have such a good little helper!

sunday during naptime was time to prep, prep, prep!!  and that's exactly what i (and todd!) did.  i documented my weight and all of my measurements (bleh!!!!)  and with the cooking prep, i browned the ground turkey, grilled all of the my southwestern chicken for the entire week, todd chopped up a few sweet potatoes for me and i roasted them in the oven.  i am now about 99% prepared for the week ahead!  i need to just double-check and re-pack my lunch and snacks in the evenings after dinner and i'll be all set for the next day.  obviously i'm not used to eating this way so i hope i can hack it! ;)  

next week i'll give you an update as to how the first 7 days go.  hopefully we'll already start to see some progress! tonight is my first workout. wish me luck!!

happy monday friends, how are you going to make this week an awesome one?!


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