Friday, February 28, 2014

friday favorites

good morning and happy friday to you all!
who's ready to have the most wonderful weekend?!  i know i am! 

here are a few things i'm loving this week (and some things i love every week, or more like everyday!)

hello apparel.  i cannot get enough.  in fact, i'm currently wearing this t-shirt as i type...

they are always releasing new and super cute things... i just want to fill up my wardrobe with all of the "hello" cheer! not to mention the cutest pillow. ever.  i have seriously have been eyeballing these...

oh and did i mention that i also gladly own this for jackson, and this and this for myself.  and at least one or two other shirts that are no longer available in the kids section. i'm telling you. they have the best products and the most.comfortable. t-shirts i've ever worn. i had no idea t-shirts could be so soft.  i was able to score a couple of those items when they ran a big sale on fab...and a lot of times their shop will have sales too. that's when i scoop these things up.  i think i may have a problem. ;)

another thing i'm loving?  this website. this week i was searching the internet (and pinterest of course!) to try and find running/exercising motivation and cross training info for runners. this website does not disappoint. not only is the site FULL of helpful articles, it has music playlists for people of all paces, nutrition information, and tips galore.  how could you not love it when you log on and this is the first article you see, "How to Make Running Feel Easier Instantly" sign me up!

i saw this come through my instagram feed and oh man. i think it is the cutest. and a little boy i know would really love it.  only problem is? he'd want to play with it! danger...


in some states around the u.s. it looks to be that spring is really around the corner...therefore my pinterest feed is starting to tease me with all of these most adorable summer outfits.  and i think i mentioned it earlier this week... only a few more months until our vacation so i better start collecting my vacation outfits and keep my booty in the gym. okay, so maybe i won't start packing outfits but i will keep my booty in the gym!!

seriously, how cute are these outfits? oh summer. or spring even...where are you?! you can find all of these (and more! on my summer 2014 pinterest board)

and i will leave you with this...

i'll check in with you guys next week!  keep your fingers crossed that i'll survive my 10k tomorrow... time to rock it! 

make this weekend a good one! #positivity2014


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