Thursday, January 8, 2015

christmas #5 for 2014 and new year's eve!

this was our attempt at "peace out 2014!" (with a mouthful of goldfish of course)

oh yea. and with my 40 cent discount from shopping at kroger... i got gas for $1.52. i was kind of proud.  i cannot think of the last time i filled up any gas tank for less than $20. i had to document it!

and this is how we roll to target. new year's eve style. 
(sorry for the repetition, i just love them so much!)

our next stop on our way home was to drop off a small carload at goodwill. along with everyone else! trying to get those last minute tax deductions! 

after a little afternoon "quiet time" it was time to get the party started! at least a little... a little prep for the evening before heading to grandpa brink's for christmas #5 and a new year's sleepover with the cousins for jackson!

okay there are too many of these also. but again. i love them all so much.

and seriously. grandpa goes overboard. and then some.

their first married christmas!

what a fun day.  how has it been 7 days ago already?!


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