Tuesday, January 6, 2015

a very quincy christmas 2014

here's a little photo diary of our trip to quincy for christmas. jackson doesn't usually nap in the car anymore (the kid that needs little sleep!) but he was really well behaved and never gave us any trouble. as long as we kept handing him the toys that he "needed". ;)

the trip was easy, no traffic at all and we made it just in time to go to todd's aunt lori's house for christmas #3 with all of the brink's.  after that afternoon/evening we went back to our hotel and all fell asleep pretty quickly.  

the next morning we enjoyed a really, really delicious breakfast at the hotel's restaurant and were off to christmas #4 in ewing, missouri .  we played all day and then took a break for gem city pizza.  a quincy christmas tradition.  then it was back to aunt donna and uncle bill's house for gifts and more family time.  later that evening, back to the hotel for more sleep.

monday morning we got up, went to breakfast (another really delicious one!) and then todd and jackson spent some time taking a dip in the pool.  it always helps to burn a little bit of the extra energy before heading back to the car for a few more hours.

after another easy drive, we were home in time for dinner and bedtime.  we were all pretty exhausted but had such a great trip.  

so i hope that you'll enjoy this little photo diary of our trip ;)  they may be in and out of order but you'll get the idea!! :)


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